3D Microsite Site for Brick Southeast

ActionScript 3 (AS3) and Papervision3D Development
3D Modeling
After Effects Animation
Digital Team Lead


Educate consumers on the advantages of choosing brick for new home exteriors.


We built a flash microsite featuring a 3D home for a highly interactive user experience. The project involved numerous technologies including ActionScript 3, PaperVision3D, Blender, and After Effects.

The artwork was created by an architectural illustrator. Using Blender, I built a 3D wireframe of a home to match the illustrations and then skinned the model with the illustration textures. Once the 3D model was complete, I imported it into a Flash microsite with PaperVision3D.

Exterior of 3D model rendered in Flash

Using the virtual 3D camera of PaperVision3D, I programmed mouse interactivity that enabled the user to move around the model on XYZ axis'. When a user clicks one of several floating nodes around the house, the camera moves along 3D vector paths towards a section of the house. Various scenes animated in After Effects by team-members and myself explain the benefits of building with brick.