Selected Total Wine & More Banners

Motion Graphics
Banner Game Development
HTML5 Banner Development
Flash Banner Development


Increase awareness of the Total Wine & More brand, deals, seasonal promotions, and new store openings.


Over several years I developed a variety of online campaigns with different approaches and objectives.

One project involved an in-banner quiz game. The game asks players to identify wines based on punny animations. Launch game (requires Flash), or watch video below.

Video of in-banner Flash Quiz game.

While Flash and I go way back, I'm not going to miss it. For a long time Flash could do amazing things that other online technology could not. But with the continued development of HTML5 and related technologies, that is no longer the case.

HTML5 has some limitations but it's rapidly catching up to most of Flash's features while having many of its own advantages. It's available across desktop and mobile devices, is easier to develop, has better development environments, and usually results in faster browser performance.

Rich media and video based banners