eCommerce Site for Tracy Sachs LLC

Theme Development - Using Liquid and UI
Organized and Uploaded Inventory
SEO and eCommerce Consulting


Tracy Sachs designs fun patterns for textile products like napkins, placemats, oven mitts, and ice buckets. After several years her Wordpress store was showing its age. She wanted more flexible store features, better stability, and a fresh look.


I suggested we build a new site using the Shopify platform. Shopify offers a streamlined experience for store owners and customers. Themes are built with the .liquid templating language, giving developers access to the Shopify database, logic structures, and ability to create their own templates.

Customizing form elements with the .liquid templating language.

An added costs less to host her Shopify site than her Wordpress site. Wordpress sites are great, but for a small business they can be expensive to maintain. The Shopify platform benefits from economies of scale so platform maintenance costs are shared by all clients, resulting in low fees and high stability.